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Project quality inspection


The main test types of engineering quality inspection industry include concrete compression test, concrete bending test, concrete / mortar impermeability test, mortar compression / bending test, etc.


Cement, concrete and mortar

Wanchai can provide compression testing machine, pressure testing machine, oil electric mixed pressure testing machine, automatic pressure testing machine, high-precision impermeable instrument, demoulding machine, etc.


Steel tube scaffold couplers

Wanchai can provide steel pipe scaffold fastener testing machine, which can meet the requirements of right angle fastener anti sliding performance test, anti destruction performance test, torsional stiffness performance test, butt fastener tensile performance test and base compression performance test.


safety hat

Wanchai can provide a full-automatic impact testing machine for falling weight safety helmet, which is mainly used to test the impact absorption performance and puncture resistance of safety helmet.


Well cover

Wanchai can provide a well cover pressure testing machine, which is mainly used to measure the residual deformation and bearing capacity of the well cover.