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Metallurgical Iron and steel


The main types of tests in iron and steel metallurgy industry include tensile test of steel bar, tensile test of steel strand, tensile test of steel plate, tensile test of mechanical connector of steel bar, compression test, cyclic test and reinforcement / Bending test of steel plate.


Reinforcement and its mechanical connectors

Wanchai can provide Electro hydraulic servo universal testing machine, electronic universal testing machine, Xinxiu series electronic universal testing machine, steel bar bending testing machine, drop hammer impact testing machine, steel bar weighing length measuring instrument, etc.


Steel structure test

Wanchai can provide Bolt torsion testing machine, pendulum impact testing machine, electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, etc


Iron ore pellets

Iron ore pellet is mainly used to measure the compressive strength. We provide automatic metallurgical pellet compression testing machine.