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The main engine is out of power

Cause analysis


Check whether the power line is connected properly

Check whether the power supply at the customer and the power socket of the tester are faulty

Is the fuse in the power socket broken or not

Is the emergency stop switch pressed

Turn the emergency stop switch on again

The main engine has power, but the machine doesn't work
Cause analysis Troubleshooting

Is the supply voltage normal

Add voltage stabilizing power supply to stabilize the measured voltage

Check whether the sensor connector is connected well and there is no force value displayed

Re plug the sensor

Whether the keyboard is out of order or whether the line has fallen off

Test whether the key functions of the keypad are in good condition

Is the communication line between the computer and the host computer in poor contact

Re connect the communication line

Are the parameters of DSP system and servo system well adjusted

Check the setting of each parameter

Is the limit device normal

Reset the position of the stop block

Is the switching power supply voltage normal

Measure the voltage at each point of switching power supply

Do you press the keypad immediately after turning on the power of the host

After turning on the power of the host, wait 20 seconds before pressing the keypad

Are all wires in the tester plugged tightly

Insert the line again

Are the hardware parameters in the tester lost

Re input the hardware parameters of the testing machine

Open the machine cover and observe whether the server reports error information

If error is displayed, the server is in error and needs to be rebooted

The speed is not consistent with the speed sent by the computer
Cause analysis Troubleshooting

Whether the hardware parameters (deceleration ratio, screw pitch, maximum speed, keyboard control speed) in the DSP system are consistent with the settings in the software

If not, first check whether the machine hardware parameters in the computer are correct, if correct, then re input the machine hardware parameters

Is the power supply standard 220 V / 380 V

Stable voltage supply and measurement

The force suddenly decreases by half
Cause analysis Troubleshooting

Is the force sensor model selected correctly

Reselect the sensor channel number in the software

Is the calibration parameter of force value changed

Recalibrate force values

Is the magnification of the force sensor changed

Reset the magnification of the force sensor

Computer display "overload"
Cause analysis Troubleshooting

Whether the communication line between computer and testing machine falls off or whether the communication line is in good condition


Whether the testing machine is grounded, and whether there is grounding between the computer and the testing machine

Re ground

Is the sensor connector fully connected

Re plug the sensor

If there are several sensors, is the correct sensor selected to enter the program

Re enter the software and select the correct sensor number

Is the machine switched on and off according to the sequence of "start the testing machine first and then enter the computer software"

Restart the software in order

Is the calibration value changed at will

Recalibrate force values

Has the sensor been bumped

What is the initial force when the sensor is turned on? Is there any obvious deformation of the sensor appearance? Please call our service hotline

The overload caused by software communication or hardware crash can be judged by the following methods

Do not turn off the testing machine, software off-line, whether the computer normal display

Abnormal voltage at switching power supply

Additional stabilized power supply

Whether there is false welding at each welding point (load channel), and whether there are breakpoints in each welding point of the catapult curve


Is the quality of the patch panel at the user's place intact

Try replacing a patch panel

Whether the power supply at the user's place is ± 10% of the normal voltage (220V / 380V)

Check the power supply. If it is abnormal, please add a regulated power supply

Is the power grid at the user's place connected normally

Consult the electrician at the customer's office

Is the sensor damaged

If the user has an extensometer, insert the extensometer into the sensor interface to determine whether the sensor is damaged? Please call the service hotline for damage

Is the sensor model selected correctly

Re enter the software and select the correct sensor number

The force value jumps around the zero point, but there is no response from exerting great force
Cause analysis Troubleshooting

Caused by clamp slipping

Consider clamping of fixture

A timeout occurred while online
Cause analysis Troubleshooting

Whether the power supply of the host is turned on or the power supply of the host is on immediately

First turn on the power of the host computer, and then wait for 20 seconds to go online

Whether to start the machine according to normal startup sequence

Turn on the testing machine first, then the computer, and then connect the software

Overflow while online
Cause analysis Troubleshooting

Is the force and extensometer selected in the online window

Select force and extensometer before on-line

The test is stopped before the specimen is completely torn or stripped or stretched open
Cause analysis Troubleshooting

The software test scheme is not set correctly

The load attenuation rate can be removed

There is a plateau at the beginning of the curve
Cause analysis Troubleshooting

Sample not clamped

Re clamp the specimen

Set the test inlet load too low

Make it larger and filter out the data

There is no curve in the test

Cause analysis


Is the selected deformation sensor consistent with the main picture coordinates in the test scheme

It is consistent in the test scheme

Is the result box maximized

Double click the result box to minimize it

The result data is not calculated based on user parameters

Cause analysis


Is the braiding test standard formula correct

Modification of test standard formula

Is the input user parameter confirmed

After inputting a user parameter, click on other squares to confirm