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Automatic laser marking machine

Function summary:

Automatic laser marking machine is an auxiliary tool for marking line and gauge distance before tensile test of steel bar. It is more convenient to measure the elongation after fracture by marking the gauge distance before the test, so as to achieve the purpose of tensile test more accurately. It meets the requirements of GB / T 228.1-2010 metallic materials tensile testing Part 1: room temperature test methods.


  • High power laser transmitting device and polarizing lens are used to move the laser marking position;

  • The specimen is sent to the marking range of the laser head in the form of transverse movement of the sample disk;

  • 12 samples can be placed in the sample tray at a time, which basically meets the requirements of one test;

  • More information on the surface of the sample can be controlled by using the computer to control the polarization of the sample.

Relevant standards:

GB / T 228.1-2010 metallic materials tensile testing Part 1: room temperature test method

ISO6892-1:2009    《metallic materials-tensile testing-part1:method of test at room temperature》

GB / T 4338-1995 metallic materials tensile test at elevated temperature

Technical indicators:



Laser range (mm)


Optional gauge length (mm)


Spacing (mm)


Gauge accuracy

± 0.5% or 0.15mm, whichever is greater

Reticle speed

One plate of 12 samples for 1.5min

Minimum line width (mm)

zero point zero one five

Maximum sample: length × width × thickness (mm)


Parallel section of minimum sample: length × width × thickness (mm)


Equipment dimension (mm)


Equipment weight (kg)

three hundred