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Fatigue test of support and hanger

one sketch

The fatigue test machine for seismic supports and hangers is a special testing machine designed according to CJ / T 476-2015 general technical conditions for seismic supports and hangers of building mechanical and electrical equipment and gbt37267-2018 general technical regulations for seismic supports and hangers of buildings. A frame structure is composed of two opposite T-shaped platforms at the bottom and the top and four columns. The specimen (seismic support and hanger) is installed on the top T-shaped platform, which can simulate the real working conditions of the application of seismic supports and hangers. The actuator is on the side of T-shape, and the horizontal height can be adjusted within a certain range.

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two characteristic

2.1 it can be used for both static and dynamic fatigue tests.

2.2 samples can be installed on both upper and lower platforms. The samples can be installed conveniently and flexibly. Different fixtures can be replaced to meet the requirements of different specifications of samples.

2.3 the horizontal loading height can be adjusted by electric stepless, and the operation is very convenient.


3. Technical parameters and Main configuration

3.1 maximum test force: 50kN

3.2 maximum test frequency: 3Hz

3.3 fastest line speed: 800mm / min

Loading stroke: 3.200 mm

3.5 force accuracy: ± 0.5%

3.6 displacement accuracy: ± 0.5%

3.7 T type table size: 2200 × 1500mm

3.8 distance between upper and lower T-shaped table: 1800mm