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250kN automatic tension testing system

General description of equipment:  

      The intelligent system can realize the control mode of stress rate, strain rate and displacement rate, and realize the smooth conversion among several control modes in one test; it can display the parameters of load, rate, strain and displacement in real time; it can enlarge and analyze the curve section by section; for the error of input data such as sample number and size, it can modify and calculate again to replace the original one Wrong data.

It can realize automatic batch test function. The automatic sample delivery manipulator takes the sample from the sample holder, after adjusting the position, it is sent to the measuring device to automatically measure the sample diameter at the two ends and the middle three positions of the test section, and automatically input it into the computer of the system; it automatically calculates the proportional gauge length; then it automatically sends the sample to the clamp of the testing machine for automatic clamping; the extensometer automatically clamps the test according to the calculated gauge distance or the preset gauge distance The waste sample recycling manipulator automatically takes down the broken sample and puts it back to the corresponding position of the recovery sample rack; the beam automatically returns to the initial position.

It has automatic protection function. When the test load exceeds the maximum load of the sensor; when the position and state of the sample do not meet the sample sending requirements; when the recovery device does not clamp the broken sample; when the fixture is not opened and closed effectively; when the extensometer position is wrong; and any other conditions affecting the test data or the safety of instruments and personnel, the testing machine will automatically alarm and stop.

Meet the standard:

Ø GB / T 2611-2007 general technical requirements for testing machines

Ø GB / T 16826-2008 electro hydraulic servo universal testing machine

JJG 2063-2010 electro hydraulic servo universal testing machine

GB / T 228.1-2010 metallic materials tensile testing Part 1: room temperature test methods

Ø GB / T 16825.1-2008 "inspection of static uniaxial testing machines - Part 1: verification and calibration of force measuring system of tensile and / or pressure testing machines"

Technical indicators:

Technical projects

technical parameter


Maximum test force


Force measuring range


Accuracy class

Grade 0.3

Relative error of test force indication


Maximum relative error of indication in and out


Maximum relative error of indication repeatability


Resolution test


overload protection


Relative error of displacement indication


Displacement resolution


Adjustment range of force control rate


Relative error of force control rate

Within ± 1% of the set value

Horizontal test space


Vertical test space


Adjustment range of beam speed

0.001-500mm/min stepless setting

Relative error of beam velocity

When the speed is less than 0.01 mm / min, it is within ± 1.0% of the set value;

When the speed is greater than or equal to 0.01 mm / min, it is within ± 0.2% of the set value;

Control range of constant force and constant displacement


Control precision of constant force and constant displacement

When the set value is greater than or equal to 10% FS, it is within ± 0.1% of the set value;

When the set value is less than 10% FS, it is within ± 1% of the set value;

Automatic extensometer


Gauge range


Gauge error

If it is less than 0.5% or 0.1 mm, the larger value shall be taken





Clamping range


Accuracy level

Grade 0.5

Pneumatic shoulder fixture

Clamping mode

Shoulder, pneumatic jacking

Centering accuracy


Clamping range

The clamping section is Φ 20 mm - Φ 25 mm, and the test section is Φ 10 mm and Φ 14 mm

Sample holder

Maximum number of specimens


Number of sample racks


Sample quantity of single row sample holder


Sample length


Waste sample rack

Maximum number of waste samples


Number of waste trays


Sample quantity of single waste tray



Types of robots

Joint robot

Wrist load


Maximum working radius




Repeat positioning accuracy



21 / h

Full section measuring device

measuring range


resolving power



Bar specimen

The clamping section is Φ 20-25mm, the test section is Φ 10 and Φ 14mm, and the length is 120-250mm