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Robot automatic low temperature pendulum impact testing machine

General description of equipment:

The robot automatic low-temperature pendulum impact testing machine is mainly used to test the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load. The automatic feeding mode of sample notch centering is adopted, which is especially suitable for continuous and large-scale room temperature and low-temperature impact tests.

      The equipment meets the requirements of GB / T 229 metallic materials Charpy Notch Impact test method, ISO 148.1 metallic materials Charpy pendulum impact test, ASTM E23 standard impact test method for metallic materials notched specimens, GB t 19748-2005 steel Charpy V-notch pendulum impact test method, and ISO 14556 steel Charpy V-notch pendulum impact test Test methods.


  • Six axis manipulator with high flexibility is used to clamp and transport samples;

  • The manipulator is controlled by vision system. By recognizing the notch characteristics of the sample, the manipulator motion compensation is given to realize the notch positioning with accuracy of 0.1 mm;

  • The cover of the low temperature box is opened and closed automatically when sampling is needed, and it is closed automatically after sampling to ensure the temperature control precision of low temperature room;

  • Samples are placed in the way of 40 samples in a single disk, which can meet the requirements of 120 samples in turn;

  • The manipulator is used to send samples automatically to make the operation safer.

Technical parameters:



Temperature control range (℃)


Temperature fluctuation (℃)


Temperature uniformity (℃)


Number of heat preservation samples (PCs.)

one hundred and twenty

Sample delivery time (s)


Sample positioning accuracy (mm)

Better than 0.3

Repeatability (mm)


Applicable sample type (mm)

2.5 × 10 × 55 (anvil to be replaced)




Total weight (kg)

900 (main engine) + 300 (automatic sample delivery system)

Power supply (V)


Dimension of automatic sample delivery system: length × width × height (mm)


Floor area (including pendulum) (M two