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Automatic concrete pressure testing machine

Function summary

HCT series D-A automatic concrete compression testing machine is mainly composed of oil electric hybrid pressure testing machine, six degree of freedom manipulator, special suction cup and air grab, visual system, servo control system, hydraulic system, etc. it fully realizes the intellectualization and automation of the testing machine and greatly improves the working efficiency. With the intelligent cooperation of vision control system and servo system, the whole process does not need the participation of test personnel. During the test process, the positioning of sample car and sample position, preliminary identification of sample number, automatic identification of sample size, automatic scanning of sample original data and automatic alignment of sample can be realized With the automatic loading and unloading, as well as the classification and stacking of unqualified samples after the test, the whole process is intelligent and automatic. Professional finite element analysis is adopted in the design of the main frame of the pressure testing machine, which effectively improves the rigidity of the whole machine. The new type of oil electric hybrid pressure testing machine with force closed-loop control has the function of constant stress control and load keeping. It adopts imported gear pump and servo motor, which has the advantages of fast response, low heating, low noise and high control precision.


Relevant standards

GB / T 2611-2007 general technical requirements for testing machines

GB / T 16826-2008 electro hydraulic servo universal testing machine

GB / t3159-2008 hydraulic universal testing machine

GB / t50081-2002 standard for test methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete

Technical index

Specification and model


Maximum load (KN)

two thousand

D relative error of test force indication value

Within ± 1%

Measurement range of test force

10% - 100% FS

Deformation resolution

1 / 200000 of the maximum deformation

Acceleration range


Acceleration error


Piston displacement tolerance


Diameter of pressing plate (mm)


Distance between upper and lower platens (mm)

one hundred and seventy

Working piston stroke (mm)

one hundred and forty

Sample size (mm)

150×150×150    100×100×100

External dimension of oil source (mm)


Total power of main engine (kw)


Working radius of robot (m)

one point six

Main engine weight (kg)

two thousand and five hundred