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Wance invited to attend the International Intelligent Manufacturing Forum 2020

In order to revitalize the economy and accelerate the development of manufacturing industry, "2020 (the sixth) International Intelligent Manufacturing Forum" was held in Wuhan Optical Valley Science and Technology Exhibition Center from September 10 to 11.

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Warmly celebrate the opening of the 26th China International composite materials Industrial Technology Exhibition

On September 2, the China International composite materials industry technology exhibition was successfully opened in the World Expo exhibition hall of ICBC center. Wance, as a professional R & D and manufacturer of composite material quality control and testing equipment, was invited to participate in the exhibition. With its high-quality and stable testing machine exhibits and professional commentators, wance was unanimously affirmed by the industry staff and customers.

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Wance was invited to attend the opening meeting of the 4th Shenzhen international brand week and the 17th conference of Shenzhen famous brand achievements

On the morning of August 28, the opening meeting of the 4th Shenzhen international brand week and the 17th Shenzhen well-known brand achievements conference was held in the studio on the first floor of Shenzhen radio, film and television group. Experts and scholars from famous international brand organizations at home and abroad, representatives of relevant departments of Shenzhen City and District and well-known entrepreneurs gathered to participate in the grand meeting. Ms. Fang Xianming, President of wance, was invited to attend as a representative of well-known brand enterprises in Shenzhen.

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Wance is invited to attend the 2020 automotive Pipeline Technology Innovation Summit

August 20-21 2020 automobile Pipeline Technology Innovation Summit was successfully held in Pullman hotel of Nanjing Lukou Airport, and wance was invited to participate in the meeting.

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Congratulations on the successful opening of the mid-2020 summary meeting of wance Marketing Center

On August 7, the four-day mid year summary meeting of wance marketing center was successfully held in Wuhan R & D base. Mr. an Jianping, chairman of wance company, and Ms. Fang Xianming, President, attended and participated in the meeting.

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Wance invited to participate in the 8th China Annual Meeting of vehicle thermal management technology

From August 6 to 7, the 8th China vehicle thermal management technology annual meeting 2020 was successfully held in Longbai Hotel, Jinjiang, Shanghai. Mr. He tangliang and Mr. Zheng Huaning of the sales department were invited to participate in the grand meeting on behalf of wance.

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Good news

In the face of the impact of the epidemic situation, vanguard sales of Wanjie are not afraid of difficulties and bravely climb the peak.

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Hubei wance organized employees to participate in fire safety knowledge training

On July 24, Jiangxia fire brigade came to wance Wuhan R & D and manufacturing base to carry out fire safety knowledge training, popularized fire prevention knowledge to employees from three aspects of fire prevention, fire fighting and escape, and carried out an on-site escape drill after the training.

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Hubei wance organized new employees to visit and Study on the spot

On July 16, Hubei wance organized the new employees of the technology center to visit the Xincheng sub center of Hubei Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and testing center, and observed and studied some testing machine products on the spot.

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Every day is different

On the third day of the trial operation of Wuhan wance R & D manufacturing base, all the work was carried out in an orderly manner. Every time you step into the No.2 workshop of the trial operation, you can feel the rapid changes of wance.

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Wance Wuhan R & D manufacturing base officially put into trial operation

At 8:00 a.m. on July 13, 2020, Wuhan wance R & D manufacturing base held a trial operation ceremony, marking that after three years of construction, Hubei wance Test Equipment Co., Ltd. has officially put into production and operation.

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Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice, I wish you all a healthy Dragon Boat Festival

Wance Dragon Boat Festival holiday is from June 25 (Thursday) to June 27 (Saturday), a total of three days. Work normally on June 28 (Sunday).

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