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Wance is invited to attend the 2020 automotive Pipeline Technology Innovation Summit

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August 20-21 2020 automobile Pipeline Technology Innovation Summit was successfully held in Pullman hotel of Nanjing Lukou Airport, and wance was invited to participate in the meeting.

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As a bridge connecting various parts of automobile, the quality and performance of pipeline system plays a key role in improving the performance and quality level of the vehicle. The summit is an important opportunity for enterprises to meet the challenges of the new pipeline and equipment industry, and to meet the new challenges of the automobile industry.

The pipeline summit invited 300 + industry experts from major mainstream vehicle manufacturers, auto parts, pipeline assembly manufacturing, pipeline testing equipment, software service providers, new pipeline materials, etc. to gather to build a blueprint for the development of automotive pipeline industry. Mr. Peng Hui, sales director of fluid department, and Mr. Zheng Huaning of Jiangsu region attended the meeting on behalf of wance.


Exhibition booth of fluid pressure detection scheme

The two-day summit, hosted by link events and hosted by China auto parts, has three parts: keynote speech, round table dialogue and tea break communication. In the keynote speech session, experts and engineers from various industries and enterprises discussed the application and development demand of automotive pipeline, the layout and application of pure electric vehicle cooling pipeline, the innovative materials applied to automotive fluid pipeline, the opportunities and challenges of China's automotive pipeline in the new era of change, the status and development of automotive hose and hose assembly standardization system, and the development of automotive powertrain pipeline In the round table meeting, guests from various industries exchanged and talked about the development opportunities and challenges of automobile pipeline, the application and development of new materials of automobile pipeline and the opportunities and challenges of future development of automobile air conditioning pipeline.

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      Peng talked with Wanhui about the development of automobile pipeline testing equipment in the future With efforts, Wanxi standardized automobile pipeline testing equipment will better serve the major automobile pipeline manufacturers and main engine plants.

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Mr. Peng Hui, sales director of wance fluid department, is speaking

As a leading enterprise in the testing machine industry and the sponsor of this summit, wance actively participated in the meeting throughout the whole process, providing unique views and opinions related to automobile pipeline detection for the dialogue. In the future, wance will continue to take root in the automotive pipeline detection solutions, constantly push forward the new, and make its own contribution to the development of automobile pipeline industry technology.

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