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"Thousands of worlds, testing the world" is the mission and determination of every person.

Wance, founded in 2011, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales, service and professional mechanical property testing solutions. Its companies include Shenzhen wance Test Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai wance Test Equipment Co., Ltd., Hubei wance Test Equipment Co., Ltd., and Beijing wance Test Equipment Co., Ltd. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen and has a R & D and manufacturing base in Shenzhen and Wuhan respectively. The company has passed and obtained ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14000 environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, CE certification, etc. Wance drafted, participated in compiling and revised more than 30 industry standards. More than 100 patents have been declared and more than 50 patents have been approved. With its powerful technology, professional services and rapid development, wance has been fully affirmed by governments at all levels and all walks of life, and has successively won many honorary titles such as "Shenzhen famous brand, contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, Pengcheng craftsman winning enterprise".

As a leading enterprise in the testing machine industry, wance has been adhering to the technical research and development and innovation of products, and constantly develops higher quality products on the original basis. The main products are: robot automatic electronic tensile testing machine, robot fully automatic metal pendulum impact testing machine, robot automatic concrete pressure testing machine, automatic electronic tensile testing machine, microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine, microcomputer controlled electronic compression and bending testing machine, microcomputer controlled electronic torsion testing machine, high temperature creep lasting testing machine, microcomputer controlled tensile testing machine Stress relaxation testing machine, microcomputer controlled horizontal testing machine, microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine, microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo pressure shear testing machine, vertical metal bending testing machine, pendulum impact testing machine, falling weight impact testing machine, microcomputer controlled fatigue testing machine, static weight / superposition force standard machine, torque standard machine, pulse test Products such as testing machine, pressure blasting testing machine, air tightness leakage testing machine and non-standard fluid testing machine also have high-performance and high-precision manufacturing technology of pendulum impact sensor and drop weight impact sensor.

      As an indispensable test instrument for R & D, quality analysis and quality control, it is widely used in scientific research, product development, accident analysis, quality control and other fields in all walks of life, covering test equipment, test technology and force value transfer, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, building materials, biomaterials, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutes Many fields such as institute, national quality inspection, import and export inspection are inseparable from the technical support of testing machine.  

Looking forward to the future, wance will continue to take the development of national testing machine technology as its own responsibility, based on the domestic, facing the world, constantly surpassing itself, and driving the technical level of the testing machine with automation and intelligent technology, and strive to build a century old enterprise and create a world famous brand!

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