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 hong.jpg   Core concept

—— Customer oriented

Consistent customer service is the only reason for the existence of wance, and customer demand is the driving force of wance. Wance adheres to the customer-oriented, fast response to customer demand, and continues to create long-term value for customers, so as to achieve customers. To provide efficient service for customers is our work direction and the yardstick of value evaluation. To achieve customers is to achieve ourselves.

——Quality as root

Any outstanding technology, products and services, only with excellent quality, can be recognized by customers and create value for customers. Wance adheres to the quality oriented, focusing on customer needs and continuous innovation, which is the way to prosperity identified by wance.

—— Good faith

        Only when we are open and sincere in our hearts can we carry out our words and keep our promises. Integrity to customers, employees and society is our most important intangible assets. Wance insists on winning customers with integrity and gaining customers' trust and respect with sincerity.

——Diligence based

Wance has no scarce resources to rely on, only hard work can win the trust of customers. Diligence is reflected in all work activities to create value for customers, as well as efforts to enrich and improve themselves in the process of work. We adhere to the principle of hard work, so that the hardworking people can get a reasonable return in their efforts.

—— Technology first

We know that technology is the direct embodiment of the company's hard power, and also the cornerstone to provide better service for customers. For technology, we are tireless in pursuit of breakthroughs, customer demand first, aiming to develop more reliable and reliable products for customers, and contribute to the scientific and technological progress of China's testing machine industry.

 hong.jpg Vision

——In the field of testing machine and testing technology, we will become a trusted partner of customers and strive to develop into a world-famous enterprise in the field of testing machines in the next ten years. With the vigorous development of the global testing machine industry, we are ready to sprint, With our courage, wisdom and experience, we interpret our understanding of the testing machine, listen to the requirements of customers, create a cost-effective testing machine suitable for customers, and increasingly meet the emerging market demand for various new testing machines. By meeting the needs of customers, we can develop and expand ourselves to become a popular testing machine enterprise and step into the front of the world's testing machine suppliers Column.

 hong.jpg   mission

——Based on the field of testing machine, using new technology, combined with our diligence and wisdom, starting from the actual needs of customers, we develop practical and applicable testing machine, strive for customer value and realize the ideal of each employee.

With testing machine as its main business, we are committed to intelligent and fully automated testing machine products. We take international outstanding enterprises as examples and take technology as our foundation, Adhere to the spirit of independence, forever climbing the technical peak, pioneering and innovative spirit, taking quality as the fundamental, create high-quality testing machine, meet the needs of customers, complete the wishes of each employee in the early stage of entrepreneurship, which is our own responsibility, so that our business progress every day and rise year by year!

 hong.jpg   quality policy

——Reasonable design and continuous innovation

This is not only our quality policy, but also our business philosophy.

To forge iron, we have to be hard. We firmly believe that without a reasonable design, no matter how good the assembly is and how well the debugging is, it is difficult for a clever woman to make a meal without rice and a hero has no place to play. The outstanding technical team ensures that all designs are reasonable, efficient and energy-saving, and ensures that customers can buy and use with ease. Wanchai has experienced mechanical, electrical and hydraulic assembly personnel, as well as perfect measuring instruments and daily maintenance, as well as qualified high-level quality inspection personnel, to ensure high-quality product quality.

The standard of test method is only to meet the general requirements, and we require our testing machine to exceed the standard, create the additional value needed for customers, and let customers fully feel the value for money.

Our customers' problems are the source of our innovation and the driving force for us to constantly challenge ourselves. What we provide is not only the testing machine, but also a package of solutions to solve problems for customers.