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Let "Wanjie" become the synonym of testing machine industry

So that "wance" has become synonymous with the testing machine industry


Thanks to all the staff for their efforts, and for the development of our customers!


Since 1987, I have entered the testing machine industry without knowing what the testing machine is. After 31 years of experience, I found that the testing machine industry is still charming, and it is still an industry that can let people show their skills and is still popular. Therefore, I decided to work hard in the industry for a lifetime.


Although wance company is still very young, most of its employees have more than 5 years or even more than 10 years of rich industry experience. After rapid development, wance has become a technical representative enterprise in China's testing machine industry and a well-known domestic test mechanism manufacturer. The overall scale and comprehensive strength of the company have made rapid progress in the domestic testing machine industry.


People oriented, to create and build a platform for employees to show their talents is my bounden duty. The bigger the platform of wantest is built, the more talents of employees can be brought into full play and bloom. We hope that every employee can be developed on the platform of wance. It is our consistent insistence that we can not only regard wance's work as a job, but also work as a career, so that employees and wance can develop together.


The company developed a variety of material testing equipment, in the research and development, quality analysis, quality control fields play a huge role, to create due value for customers, won customer recognition and praise. A large number of enterprises such as Huangpu shipbuilding, Baosteel and Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co. have become the pride of wance because of the high quality testing machines we provide.


At present, the company has established marketing network in Malaysia, Iran, Argentina, Vietnam, Italy, India, Australia and other countries. Its products have been exported to the international market and have been recognized and praised by overseas customers.


The company is committed to the research and development of material testing technology and the development and innovation of testing machine products. The successful development of a large number of scientific research projects, such as the third generation of pendulum impact testing machine, automatic extensometer, residual deformation measuring device, all indicate that the technical platform of wanwei is becoming more and more perfect and has more and more innovative spirit.


Through the introduction of ERP system and the implementation of modern enterprise management system, the company has improved and improved the post responsibility system and performance appraisal system for all employees. More than two thirds of the employees hold shares in the company, realizing the shareholding mechanism of all employees, so that every employee can become the master of Wanxiang and find a sense of belonging. The enterprise management system and the enterprise culture full of human nature complement each other. The employees of the enterprise are always full of vigor and vitality, and the spirit of enterprising is shining everywhere.


In line with the business philosophy of employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, we will lead the enterprise to develop in a positive and correct direction. The driving force to promote the enterprise's progress is to serve employees and customers. The pursuit of employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction is the driving force of the company's eternal development, and it is also my lifelong goal.


By fully meeting the needs of users, firmly establish the brand of "wance" in the testing machine industry, and make "wance" become the pronoun of the testing machine industry, and become the outstanding representative of China's testing machine industry. It is the wish of all wance people and the common idea of all wance people!